The Regional Group on Risks, Emergencies and Disasters for Latin America and the Caribbean (REDLAC) is a regional coordination platform for disaster preparedness and response, which emerged as a way to improve joint analysis and provide regional support to global and national partners.

REDLAC Snapshots

Among the objectives of this Regional Protection Group are to provide analysis on the causes and humanitarian impacts of this violence and displacement in the North of Central America (NCA) and Mexico, as well as to increase the visibility of the protection needs at the regional and global level.

Snapshot #11

Protection risks on the migration routes in
the North of Central America and Mexico

A range of different people on the move transit through the North of Central America (NCA) and Mexico every year: migrants from Central America travelling irregularly, asylum seekers, people with protection needs and migrants from outside the region (or 'extra-regional migrants'). People migrate and are displaced from the North of Central America due to a range of different and multi-causal triggers, including poverty, inequality, lack of opportunities, family reunification and generalised violence. While their chosen destination is most often the United States, in recent years, due to the difficulties in reaching U.S. territory, Mexico has also become not just a transit country but a destination country.

Snapshot #10

Searching for durable solutions: Integration and reintegration in the North of Central America and Mexico

In line with the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (2016) and the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework - preceded by the Brazil Plan of Action (2014) and the San José Action Statement (2016) - countries in Central America and Mexico have committed to implement the Comprehensive Regional Protection and Solutions Framework (MIRPS, according to its Spanish acronym), in order to address the phenomenon of forced displacement in the region.¹ The MIRPS brings together initiatives seeking to create durable solutions, through which people with protection needs can find security and stability, and lead a normal life, either through: voluntary repatriation to their country of origin, local integration in the country of asylum, or resettlement in another country.

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    Future topics:

    Snapshot #12 – Disappearances in the North of Central America and Mexico (to be published in December)

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